Cookin’ Up A Storm!


I can’t believe this project is finally done!! I have finally finished all the cabinets, frames, hardware, and have hung them up!!!  I have posted along the way- from cleaning, to painting, to sealing, and to cleaning and spraying the hard ware.  I am finally able to unveil the finished product! I really am so happy the way it turned out!

Here is the before:


After all the hauling ass, here is the AFTER:

IMG_4966.JPG IMG_4962.JPG IMG_4967.JPG IMG_4964.JPG IMG_4965.JPG  IMG_4963.JPG

Pretty damn good, huh?  Now I just have to get a glass cabinet for my dishes to put on the wall, and put up the backsplash!


My very own piece of the world!


The granite was finally installed today.
Thank you to Pacific Stone and Marble from Maynard, MA for doing an incredible job!! They were wonderful to work with.  Here is the link to their website, I highly recommend them!







The granite was absolutely seamless- they made an amazing cut for the kitchen!


The upstairs master bath looks so great too! They supplied me with gorgeous rectangle under mount sinks for the doubly vanity.







The surface looks flawless! Now I need to get my kitchen cabinets painted and that vanity base painted!

Faucets are getting hooked up tomorrow!!

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Scruba-dub-dub, but NOT in a tub!


For those of you who know me, know I am OCD, and I tend to go a bit overboard with cleaning, but when it comes to taking over some one else’s old home… I’m gonna strip that baby down!  From my last blog post, you saw that I had removed all the cabinet faces and doors.  Now that I packed them up into my trunk, and lugged them to my parents house, it was time to clean them!



I set up a system on the kitchen table- I laid out the labeled cabinet and drawer faces on the kitchen table, a little at a time: there are 21 total faces that need to be cleaned….. yeah I KNOW- A LOT.


I had gone down to the Home Depot to find some industrial grade cleaning supplies- Dawn was just NOT gonna cut it.  I bumped into this woman in the aisle, and we started making small talk about cleaning.  I told her I had a lot of grease to deal with, and she suggested “Zep..” I was intrigued- do tell me more!  I thanked her and started looking at all my options.  There are plenty of Zep cleaners, but I was looking for something serious- nuclear warfare style. I found Zep 505, grabbed some gloves, sponges, and stainless steel brushes… I’m not going to lie- I rushed home to get started, I was very excited (sick, I know).


I cut down a huge black trash bag to cover the surface of the Butcher Block, and placed ONE face at a time on there.  I put the posit it at the top right of the butcher block to make sure it followed the damn cabinets everywhere.  At first I was spraying the faces, letting it sit for a second, and using the front and back of the sponge to clean it.  It just wasn’t cutting it.  I busted out the stainless steel brush and went to town.  I can’t even describe to you the amount of grease that I scraped off each face.  I scrubbed and scrubbed.  I rinsed each cabinet after and hand dried them.  Some of them I had to re-wash/scrub because there was still some residue.  I managed to get into every nook and cranny!  I dried them off, and replaced the post-its.  I started placing the dry clean faces on a drop cloth in my parents dining room.  Have I mentioned they are less than thrilled that I have turned their home into a temporary workshop?


Look how beautiful they are, all clean and pretty!  I couldn’t stop there though…. I realized that I spent (in total) 5 1/2 hours cleaning the faces (front and back) of these cabinets and doors, but the cabinet frames were left untouched…. so I went back to my new house, took a look around and realized  I had my work cut out for me.


Every single shelf had faux marble contact paper on it.  No surface had been left untouched!  I personally can’t stand it, so I started ripping it off, and it must have been there for a while, because it came off easily.  Unfortunately, when you remove the contact paper it leaves a sticky residue behind.  So gross.  I knew all the surfaces would have to be cleaned.  So I got my bucket of hot hot water (scalding actually), my gloves, and brushes, and started with the bottom cabinets.  I knew instantly two things: 1) This was going to take forever and 2) I couldn’t stop I HAD to finish (OCD)- it’s a double edged sword. I knew I would feel better once I finished, but it was going to take a while to get there.  I scrubbed inside the cabinets, drawers, and the outsides, and even the hinges and drawer tracks.  This time it was ME who left no surface untouched! TAKE THAT!

 Ok, so at this point I am 4 hours in, a little delirious, but still motivated.  Jammin’ to a mix of Dave Matthews Band and Elvis in the background, I reached the range and overhead microwave.  Now I gave them a good stern look, and realized this was going to be a nasty job.  I had the cleaners come in, and they did the top of the range, and it looked great, but they didn’t do the underside of the microwave, or the walls next to the range….


Honestly, when I looked under the microwave and adjacent cabinets and walls I almost vomited.  The surface was ORANGE with grease.  GROSS, GROSS, GROSS.  The wall to the right, was COVERED with grease splatter.  I began to panic.  I sprayed the surface, soaked it with hot water, and waited.  I loosened the gunk up a bit with a scratch sponge, but re-applied the cleaner.  At this point I have probably taken off about 10 years of my life because I didn’t use a mask- though I did use gloves, so give me some credit….  I used the stainless steel brush- brush brush brush brush…. but still the grease remained.  So I resorted to a flat razor.  I LITERALLY scraped the grease from the underside of the cabinets and wall.

Good news it, I managed to get it all done; Bad news is: it took me a total of 5 hours to clean all the cabinets and walls.

Poppin’ Tops!


Today my father and I needed to get the kitchen counter top off and the master bath vanity top off.  Pacific Stone is sending some one out tomorrow morning to make a template for the new granite.  Let’s just say that the cabinets and countertops are built like a brick sh*t house.  We had to take turns laying under the counter to remove screws, but we managed!



I also removed about 100 child proof locks, and I thought that maybe I should keep them on there to keep me from eating myself into a coma, but I knew I was too smart for those locks and would find my way in anyway!  Anyway, We couldn’t remove the counter tops until we removed the sink, no problem…. well we couldn’t detach the damn garbage disposal!  After a half hour of trying to finagle the damn thing off, I said screw it!  I went in the basement, shut off the power to the kitchen and yanked the cords out of the garbage disposal!  Problem Solved!


It was smooth sailing from there.  Now you see it, Now you don’t!


Here is the Master Bathroom!  All ready to go for the new granite.  When we took the top off some of the wall was literally peeling away, but that’s an easy fix: just a bit of plaster and it’s good as new!

Image      Image