What a difference savings can make!


Ever find home decor you LOVE, but then see the price tag and run far far away? Well sometimes you can have it all- the decor you want at a cheaper price.

I was at Jordan’s Furniture with my mother the other day (she was mattress shopping- a detail you didn’t know, but there it is anyway). I wandered around, looking for inspiration. I came across these gorgeous prints with blue designs. I zoomed in to look at the price tag and my eyes bulged out of my head- very cartoon like. Are they beautiful? Yes. Are they worth the money? Debatable. Here they are below:

Gorgeous right? Well I moved on rather quickly, but then I got to thinking….. I’m an avid Target shopper- you know that store where you go in for ONE thing and you leave $200 later not knowing what happened? Yeah that store. Anyway… I remember strolling through the aisles and coming across something similar.

For the purpose of my research, I went over there after my Jordan’s Furniture trip. Low and behold I found what I was looking for. Granted these are not the same size and a little different in style, but man they are pretty damn close!

Here is what I love about the ones at target. First of all- it’s a set of TWO! Second- the set comes in at:

So let’s to the math….

Jordan’s Furniture VS. Target:

That’s a savings of: $499.95!!!!

Say whattt? That’s a score! So my message to you: if you see something you like but it’s over your budget, don’t feel defeated, just keep hunting!

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Mad Hatter Tea Party


Wow, it has been a while.  The winter was extremely difficult, and I had no place to do any work!  Spring is here, and summer i’m going to go nuts doing work!  It was also my first year of teaching, and that proved to be quite difficult to do both.

Anywayyyyy.  I completed this really awesome custom order.  My client wanted to spice up her dining area.  She had a table with a bench on one side, and wanted chairs around the table to be all different.  There were five dining chairs, each one a different color, and we mixed and matched patterns.  The sixth chair will be used for a side chair.

My client went to a salvage/antique shop and picked a bunch of different chairs.  They were covered in lacquer, and took forever to sand down.  Here is one  of them prepped and ready to go!


When I was ready to paint, I came home one day, and found my paint sprayer hose chews, and when I took a closer look I saw that the cord had been chewed.  My lovely dog Prima must have had a meltdown because she chewed it up! Good thing it wasn’t plugged in.  The shoe is in there just for good measure.

unnamed unnamed-1

So I had to buy a new paint sprayer, which set me back a bit.  I decided to try a new brand- Black & Decker, and I actually really like it.


It allows me to have a lot more control over the flow of paint, it is super easy to clean, and the price was on the lower end of sprayers.

Each chair needed a new piece of wood for the seat, new foam, and obviously upholstered.

unnamed-4 unnamed-5

Once assembled, here is how they came out, pretty cool I think!  Here is the purple chair:

11089147_962437080454009_2493779142291251731_n 10931175_962437067120677_7019526473866128330_n

Here is the yellow chair:

10929984_962437213787329_5341609553095293524_n 11401324_962437233787327_1945150419404748614_n

Here is the orange chair:

1653901_962437263787324_7166423088065277702_n 11429716_962437247120659_4922243752950779028_n

Here is the green chair:

11429970_962437120454005_1290033871386081654_n 10641075_962437097120674_1482245620017012180_nHere is the blue chair:

10417699_962437170454000_6015451787218408868_n 11406515_962437200453997_4553805959458257846_nFinally, here is the red chair:

11206042_962437157120668_3255690727656104028_n 11401014_962437137120670_2426648242082032271_n

Assembly row:

11147251_962437033787347_5071245226590297213_n 11427666_962437057120678_433424237281997931_n

Turned out to be a very cool collection.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like at her kitchen table!

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For those of you who DON’T know, and it’s ok if you don’t, but Hooverville’s were little shanty towns made by homeless people during the Great Depression.  The poor conditions that came with the Great Depression and it’s affect on the people, and the development of these shanty towns blamed President Hoover, hence the name “Hooverville.”  Ok, so what am I getting at?  This custom order I worked on is a “Hoosier” cabinet, but was in such AWFUL condition, I thought I would do a little play on words and call it “Hoosierville” clever, right? I thought so.

Anyway- this is what I was working with:

IMG_0005 IMG_0007

Ultimately, the whole thing needed to be reconstructed.  All I had to work with was the frame.  Even in the pictures above, there are pieces of fresh wood that my father and I cut and placed in it.    We cut a new top, new sides, new shelves:

IMG_0001 IMG_0004 IMG_0003 IMG_0002

Other repairs needed to be made as well.  The underside of the base was missing one of the ornate pieces.  My dad and I traced the other, and skill sawed a replica. (those are my dad’s hands by the way! haha not mine!)

IMG_0101 IMG_0102

Alright, the piece has been rebuilt at this point, and was ready for paint.  the doors were a different color the the frame, as requested by the customer.  I suggested that since the piece was so old not to replace the hardware because the holes would NEVER line up the same.  Instead I sprayed them.

IMG_0108 IMG_0109

A lot of love and labor later…. I have to say the piece came out incredible.

IMG_0114 IMG_0116 IMG_0113 IMG_0112 IMG_0115 IMG_0110 IMG_0117

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Official Business


I sort of branched out a bit on this piece.  I wanted to highlight details, but still keep the piece masculine.  I really don’t think the man wanted a whimsical romantic desk in “French Linen.”  This desk is huge and very executive like, and I wanted to keep that tone.  Thanks to my dear friend Liza, we heard over to Watertown to pick it up.  The lady who had the desk had her handful with two beautiful children, and she tried to give us a hand lifting it and moving.  In the end, Liza and I went beast-mode and loaded it into the truck.  The thing ways a ton!  So here is what I was working with:


The hardware was in great condition, so I knew I would keep those.  The top had some very deep scratches, and I knew that I didn’t want to paint the surface, I think that would take away from the business look.  I decided to sand it down to the bare wood.  This process always takes forever, especially when the finish on top has a lot of sheen and stain.  So finally once it was done, I  was looking at the front of the desk, and thought “what am I going to do here?” I felt that if I painted the whole base it would like BORING.  There is wooden trim around each drawer, so I thought that I would sand that down to bare wood too to highlight the raised wood.  The surface was small and skinny so I went to one of my favorite tools:


It’s real an awesome little sander to get into tight grooves, and there are a variety of adapters.  Although it really cuts through quick, and if you aren’t careful it can take a chunk out of the wood…. been there, done that!  So after I sanded the top and the  outlines of the drawer, washed it all down here’s how it looked:



Ok….. now what.  So far this desk has been a lot of work, and I haven’t even painted it! I decided to stain the top and outlines around the drawers with Minwax “Red Mahogany.”  I knew the stain would soak in the wood grain, and look really nice when finished.  Ok, stain done, check.  I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  in “Coco” because I was just so over sanding and since the desk had a bit of a glossy finish to it, I needed something to cover well.  I chose “Coco” because it has both feminine and masculine undertones (good for both hubby and wifey in the house), and felt that it would look really good along side wood stain.  After two coats of chalk paint, and polyacrylic sealant… and days later, I finished.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE the way it came out.  Highlighting the trim was definitely the way to go!




The sides also had raised wooden outlines, and I kept it consistent with the rest of the desk! I think it added that little extra “POP” of detail!




Lastly, here is the finished top.


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The Perfect Match


I’ve been dying to share the finished product of my bedroom dresser, but I have been so busy with the house renovations I haven’t had a chance to finish it!  Well it is finally done, and I love the way it came out!  I had done an entire bedroom set for a customer, a long time ago, and in exchange for doing her daughters headboard and footboard, she offered me this dresser.  I absolutely loved it, and it was in good shape (aside from the cosmetics).  I’ve held on to it for a long time, because I wanted to make sure that whatever I did to it would be PERFECT, and I also knew that I wanted to keep it for myself (hehe).


Best part?  I matched the detailing on the front to the end tables….well actually, the other way around: I came across the end tables that also happened to have the same design!! Trust me that was pure luck.



Of course, the top’s veneer was chipped and peeling away.  So I decided to just take off all the veneer so it would have an even surface.


It proved to be quite difficult, the veneer was stubborn in some places, but perseverance prevailed, and I was able to get it all off with out damage.  I sanded it down to give it a nice smooth surface so that it would be ready for paint!



I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Old White,” which was the same color I used on the end tables.  I also used “Shabby Chic” to highlight the detailing on the front.  I distressed it a bit, waxed it, and it was like a brand new piece.



The dresser has an incredible seining mirror, and the detail work from legs to the posts follow all the way through.  The mirror has aged over the year, but I think it gives it character, and I love the hardware used to fasten it to the dresser!

ImageImage Image



Here are some shots of the legs and sides.

Image Image


At last, here are some more shots

Image Image


AND, just to brag a bit about how good of a match this turned out to be, here is the dresser’s detailing in the front and one of the end tables I am using as my bed side tables.

Image Image


Damn,  i’m good!  Haha!

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This part is connected to the…. other part, and that part is connected to… the other thing


So yes, I have been picking up decorative elements for my house that have been recycled/up-cycled etc…. However, I was on the hunt for a TV stand that was very specific: it had to fit in between the two windows in my living room, was not too high, and above all had a good look to it.  I searched and searched, and to no avail I was defeated.  So I caved, and I ordered a media stand from Walmart.  I have to say the box weighed 3,000 pounds; I had to push it on the floor with all my weight behind it…. should I mention that I slipped a few times- not so gracefully either.  Anyway….  There is always that first excitement when you see the box like “oooo yippee it’s here!” and then you open the box:



and you discover a trillion pieces and screws.  You try not to panic and try to stay enthusiastic, but you realize “shit, this is going to take a while….” Well I was up for the challenge.  First things first, organize the pieces:


This was just a clip, trust me, there were a ton of pieces.  Labeled for the alphabet…. it went to “Q.”  Well as the piece came together I started to feel encouraged again, which was needed to cancel out the aggravation of using a skew driver.  I had developed a series of blisters… why I didn’t use a drill, I don’t know, but its too late now, so whatever!



It didn’t take too long- maybe an hour and a half?  I was real happy with the outcome, and I think it will look really good with my “French Country” inspired family room.  It’s solid as a rock, I recommend it- GO WALMART!


Image Image


Image Image

My handmade “Book Ends”


I have been dying to share this post, but I obviously had to wait until work was completed!  Well I’ve had a dresser for a long time that I knew I wanted to use in my house, but just hadn’t gotten to it.  Well I figured being in my new place would be the perfect opportunity to do my bedroom with new pieces, but OLD Renewed Reloved pieces.  I had been on the hunt for end tables that met the following criteria:

1) Taller than wider

2) Antique

3) The legs needed to match the legs on the dresser

4) Drawers/Storage

5) Ornate hardware

After stalking Craigslist for weeks, and looking in antique stores I FOUND THEM! A pair to boot!  I managed to get them both for $50!


 So I went and got the tables and was all excited.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I work on furniture all the time, but these end tables were a b*tch.  The veneer was peeling/chipping… I patched some of it with wood filler, but in some places it looked like sh*t, and I’m too much of a perfectionist to stand for that.  So, I do what all rational people do in a dilemma- make more work for myself.  I decided on the sides that had the worst peeling I would just chip off all the veneer.  At first it went smoothly:


And then…. it got nasty, and I couldn’t quite get under the veneer to lift it with out denting the wood underneath.  So I experimented.  I knew that the veneer was held on with glue… I grabbed a damp facecloth and used my iron to heat up and steam the facecloth.  This helped loosen the glue, and made it easier to wedge my razor and putty knife under the veneer.


A pretty genius idea if I do say so myself, and I should probably let you know that the face cloth I used was thrown out….

Next I sanded the sh*t out of them.  There were lots of dents, they were worn, so I really made sure to get a smooth surface.  On the middle drawers I discovered an ornate design. Of course the veneer was chipping, so I peeled it off.  I knew I wanted to preserve the pattern, so I took a pointed metal nail file and traced the shape.  I didn’t know what I would do with the design but I knew I wanted to keep it and incorporate it some how.


 I sanded everything down, and they were ready for paint!  I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in “Old White.”  I love the color because it is so versatile, and really highlights pieces.  I decided that I would use left over paint from one of my bedrooms to enhance the design on one of the drawers..


I hand painted it with Benjamin Moore’s “Shabby Chic” that I used in one of my guest rooms.  They came out gorgeous, and believe it or not,  they matched the same pattern I have on my dresser (but you won’t see that until later <<wink wink>>).


I had to do 3 coats of paint (shoot me now), because the wood was so dark and aged that it was bleeding through.  This is usual because Annie Sloan Chalk Paint covers pretty well, but sometimes it does happen.  This like weird yellow or sometimes pink stain comes through.  You need to apply another coat.  I distressed them, waxed them, buffed them, and polished the hardware…. here is the finish product…. DAMN they are gorgeous!







Now wait until you see the dresser- it looks like a complete set!

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Design on a Dime


I’m always on the hunt for inspiration, and I have a vision in my head as to how I want the master bedroom to look like.  I came across this “Inspiration Room,” and have begun to gather items that compliment this room.  However, I am adding my own little twist and creativity- especially with my furniture, which has been Renewed & Reloved… I will show you all that later!


In a previous post, I had mentioned that my mother and I were walking around Jordans Furniture.  I came across these GORGEOUS lamps.  I had just purchased a king bed frame with upholstery nail heads along the top.  When I saw this lamp I almost grabbed it right there and ran to the register, but saw the price and I HAULTED!!!


This lamp is beautiful and all that- but they were priced at $359 each- seriously?  No way…. so I decided to make my own, and I was immediately on the hunt for burlap shades, the bases would be easy to find, and they didn’t have to be this exactly.  My friend Liza and I headed to Home Goods- which I have to say is either a hit or miss… but I was pleasantly surprised when I was checking out at the register and saw two lamps that had been returned… They were rustic, romantic, AND HAD BURLAP ROUND SHADES!  Here are the top of the shades:


Ok, lamps and shades check… now I needed to order upholstery nails.  I went on Amazon.com and purchased upholstery nails that match the upholstery nails that run along the headboard of the king bed.


Now, for those of you who know me, known that I am NOT very good at math, so I was nervous about my measurements, but shockingly it ended up perfect!  I used a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of the top and the bottom, because the bottom was wider.  The tacks are 1/2″, and I wanted them to be spaced at 1″ so I took the circumference and divided it by 1.5″ and figured out how many I would need.  Pretty smart, I know.


So I got to it!  I started in the back, along the seam of the shade, because I wanted the sides and front to be perfect, and I knew the back would be off about 3/8″ (something you would barely notice, but I knew I would….).  The process was fairly easy.  You just need to make sure that you’re keeping an eye out to make sure they stay in line with each other.


I have to say the process was easy enough, and it only took me an hour to do both shades.  They came out really great!



So here is the break down of how much I saved, I saved a total of $595.31 by doing it myself!


BOO-YAH! I rocked out!!!

Here are the lamps all put together with their bases:

image 5 image 6

Want to see a magic trick? Pick a color, ANY color!


Any Interior Decorator or novice home decorator will tell you that paint “makes it” or “breaks it.”  Honestly.  When I first purchased my home it had bright bold colors and faux finishes on the walls that made it hard to see the potential the house had.  I think the home’s decor and colors deterred a lot of buyers, and I have a feeling that is why it was on the market for quite some time. Just remember that paint is cosmetic, and can always be changed.  My advice to you: when you go to a home, try to look past the old color, mentally remove their furniture, and envision something completely different- you’ll be in good shape!  However, if you don’t have taste or style and like that sort of ridiculousness- then there is no hope for you!  Anyway, once you get the home, and you pass papers and all that headache…. it’s time to create your color palette!  Know upfront that I ONLY use Benjamin Moore for home interior and exterior.  It’s just a far superior paint, covers very well, and is an exact match to it’s sample.  When doing interior walls, I almost ALWAYS choose an Eggshell finish.


Personally, I think it is very important to keep the rooms flowing together; separating them too much with contrasting colors makes a home look choppy.  One way to keep things consistent is by choosing one color and using the variety of shades on the same strip.  The colors will go up or down a degree, but don’t divert too far from the original.  Another option is picking a solid base.  What I mean is- if you want to do creams make sure that all your colors have a cream base… don’t mix a cream room with a blue based room and then a green based room… too confusing!  All in all, the  key is to getting them to look good together.  However, if you are like me…. then you pick a sh*t ton of samples, and don’t know what you want to do….  I like to lay out the floor plan- in this case upstairs and downstairs.


By laying out the floor plan, I can easily visualize what the colors will look like going from room to room.  They are also easily moveable, and I can toss them around until I get the desired look.  This may take YOU two minutes, this unfortunately takes ME days because I keep going back to the paint store for more samples, but I know how to pick paint- i’ll tell you that!

Sometimes I get ahead of myself, so I’ve decided to focus on the downstairs first, get the paint on the wall, and re-group.  Here is what I have come up with so far….

I have chosen Shenandoah Taupe for the dining room:


I have chosen Baby Fawn for the family room/hallway/stairs/landing:


I have chosen Broken Arrow for the Kitchen:


and lastly, I have chosen Texas Leather for the downstairs half bath:


They all look really good together.  Although they have the same taupe/cream undertone they provide each room with its own unique look.  I will keep you posted as we start to paint, and I’ll be sure to share pictures!  Once I get the upstairs figured out I will let you know- back to the drawing board, here goes another two days!

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Behind, in front, can’t get around the candelabra!


Ok, all my posts so far have been “tips and techniques” and “progress” posts, but let’s lighten it up with something funny.  I have been shopping around looking for an upholstered head board; online, in stores etc…. My mother and I headed to Jordans Furniture so I could buy a new mattress, and we figured while we were there that we might as well look for some bed frames.  I love walking through the showroom floor, everything looks so nice, and you can get some great decorating inspiration.  However, when we turned the corner, we both almost sh*t!


We had come face to face with Liberace’s bedroom set.  It even had its very own candelabra.  I of course think this is hilarious, and wonder who would actually buy this set, aside form the man himself!  I didn’t just move on, I laid on it and felt like Cleopatra.  Liberace my man, you were on to something….


Then again, he WAS the man and could do whatever he wanted.   If the bed wasn’t enough for you, perhaps you want to accessorize the room with full blow sparkly/glittered furniture.  Did I mention the price?  YIKES!


I digress…. I did find something that I absolutely LOVED, and ordered it with my new mattress, I know I will sleep soundly!  I found a gorgeous upholstered headboard/footbard/frame studded with antiqued bronze/brass upholstery nails.