Renewed Reloved Furnishings


 I believe that all pieces of furniture have significant value to my customers.  After all, why would they have bought them, inherited them, or kept them?  I respect the value that my customers place on their furniture, and take great pride in upholding that value when re-finishing or re-purposing the piece.  Sometimes furniture needs a face lift, a few touch ups, or a complete haul into the 21st century.  Regardless of what “needs to be done,” the goal is for the customer to love it and continue to cherish it for years to come, which reminded me of the expression “Something Old, Something New…..” Well, I started thinking…. what if I made OLD things NEW again? Many furniture pieces just need to be Renewed, and find their place in a home where they can be Reloved.  I have used my passion for history to bring life back into these “unwanted” and “out of date” pieces of furniture. 

Bring a little bit of the PAST into your PRESENT!


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