About The Designer


I have always believed that I am an old soul-born in the wrong time period.  I naturally gravitate towards furniture and home decor that looks like it has a story.  It is helpful that I have always been handy and creative.  To give you a little perspective, when I was seven years old my father and I went to a pancake breakfast where Santa was visiting all the children… well once Santa left, his stage needed to be taken down.  I grabbed a drill and started disassembling the stage.  Adults looked on and asked my father “does she know what she’s doing?” My father simply replied “she’s a pro.”  It didn’t stop there, every weekend my parents and I would walk through homes that were being constructed, and my mind would run wild with ideas.  Interior design, home decorating, and creativity has always been a part of me, but it’s full potential wasn’t founded until 2012.  While my father and I were driving, I asked him to pull over.  Someone had thrown out a gorgeous antique hutch.  I couldn’t understand why anyone would throw out something so beautiful… well in all fairness, it had seen better days, but I knew it had potential.  I brought it home, gave it a make over, and sold it almost instantly, and so I began Renewed Reloved.  This business has allowed me to use my old soul in a creative way.  Thank you for all your support!
​                                                                        Krista-Lee Haranas
Owner & Designer


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