Lighten Up!


There’s always a “vision” when you look in a room.  I run through ideas of what I would like, and how I envision it in the space.  I had already transformed my kitchen from it ugly plain oak cabinets, fake countertops and green walls.  You can see that transformation from a previous post here: “Home Cooked Meal”. However, I was looking for a change- something newer/brighter.  Here is what the kitchen looked like before this project:

As you can see, it’s a small kitchen, and I felt like the decor didn’t represent my true style.  It had the antique cabinet and other elements I liked, but the color on the wall and accessory colors I chose made the kitchen feel small.  It was time to change it up!

I had already painted the cabinets a light color called: “White Down” by Benjamin Moore.   It’s actually appears a lot whiter than the image below.


It took me a while to pick out the color for the walls.  As much as I wanted to lighten the walls, I didn’t want the kitchen cabinets and the color of the walls to be too similar. So I looked at a few paint samples…


I ended up picking the color “Tapestry Beige ” by Benjamin Moore.

Once I started cutting in the paint, I was pleasantly surprised with how much brighter the space was becoming.  I didn’t realize how “dark” the previous color was.

I’ve always been a fan of black and white.  It’s clean, it and classic.  I sold the antique hutch, and replaced it with a low black cabinet and rustic shelves.  I love seeing all the white dishes on display, and storage underneath is a bonus!


I took the old hardware, that I had previously sprayed bronze, sanded them and re-sprayed them in black.  This was an easy fix, and extremely cost effective since I didn’t need to buy new hardware.


Final details like curtains and accessories I kept to white/cream or white/cream/black combo.  I replaced my cream and orange canisters with whit ones, a simple white utensil holder, and my favorite- a creamy white colored kettle.  I keep very little on the counters so it doesn’t look cluttered.  Again, my goal was to keep it clean and classic.

All in all, I am very happy with the turn out.  Here are after pictures.  Unfortunately in order for you to see curtains I had to take some pictures at night and some during the day.  I’m not too thrilled with the pictures, but here they are:


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