Seven Days In The Seventh Layer of Hell


Well, I did it. I finished the job! I have to say, painting the rooms bathroom and kitchen was easy…. it was the damn paneling that was a nightmare! Also, the trim was so yellowed/not painted at all, that painting it all white made the most incredible improvement. It took me 7 days, working 6 hours each day. I popped Advil and iced my shoulder each day until it was done, and done well. I have high standards, which is why it probably took me so damn long in the first place.

Here are some before shots:

Ok, I am all set up, ready to go, but where the hell do I begin? I started with cutting in along all the baseboard, windows and ceiling. I also covered SOME (yes there were more!) markings that were on the walls with paint as I went to ensure extra paint coverage.

The first coat of paint had to be put on heavily, the walls were so dry it sucked it right up! However, after two heavy coats of paint, the walls were brand new. With the walls in the bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen painted, I was ready for my stand off with the paneling. Boy, it was quite the shoot out. You see, the thing about paneling is… that in order for the paint to adhere to the paneling, the walls and seams need to be prepped with primer. When the paneling has more ornate seams than that of standard paneling you know you’re going to be doing this for a long time.

So with my trusty Purdy brush, I used KILZ primer, and brushed each and every seam, and cut in all around base board, windows, doors and ceiling.

My shoulder was shot once I was done. But..WOW, when I looked around I noticed how much brighter it already looked! I knew I had made the right decision, which made the tediousness feel worth it. I rolled the primer on the rest of the walls. From there, I had to repeat the whole process of cutting in and brushing all the seams with paint (x2 coats).

The next and final step would be quite the feat as well. ALL the trim (baseboard, door frames, window casings) needed to be painted as well. This is a very time consuming process.

At last, 7 days later, I was done. I have to say, this project was a much bigger undertaking than I thought and I am very proud of myself for completing it. Here are some quick before and afters. More after photos will be at the bottom! Enjoy!


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