Black ALWAYS Looks Good


A while back, my father and I picked up this hutch at a yard sale.  It was green (or some sort of “green”), with ridiculously ornate doors and hardware, but beneath the ugly I saw some beauty.  It’s a rare sized hutch, perfect for small spaces, which is often hard to find. Unfortunately, I can’t find the pictures of it untouched with the doors on and everything. What I have below is the piece after sanding, and a considerable amount of patching.

Once it was all set for paint, I opted for a light cream color.  While I was painting out front, a neighbor drove by and said she had been “eyeing it” in the garage, and was waiting for me to start it!  I love when things like this happen; people see a piece I am working on, and have the same mutual respect for it.  Right then and there we made a sale, but she asked me to paint it black.

Now, at first I didn’t think that black was a good choice because it can be a rather unforgiving color, and harsh, but when we she showed me the space she was putting it in I knew it could work quite well.  Black would work well for a number of reasons 1)it would match well with what else she already had in the space, 2)it complemented the other colors in the space, and 3) the color made the piece stand out, but small enough to not be an eyesore.

I decided to keep the original hardware.  Although ornate, it brought out some beautiful detail that was lacking with solid black.  Check out the finished product!  Please note the shadows and lighting affected the image quality.

What can I say?  Black always looks good!



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