A Quick Fix!


So when I can use what I have and make it new again, I’m all for it.  I had an old desk light from IKEA, but it was brushed nickel with a white lamp shade, as seen below:



I hated the look of it, but needed a desk lamp.  I’ve been on this spray paint kick, and I love the antique bronze I have been using.  So I went to IKEA to find a new shade, and sprayed the base.  I saved myself about $40, and only spend $9.99 on the shade.  Here’s how it came out:



Looks like a brand new lamp, right? Well when I picked up the shade for the desk lamp, I found the matching floor lamp and shade!  Except the lamp base was just an extra expense:


I remembered that I had an upright lamp at home that was gold with this crazy guido shade:

IMG_5502 IMG_5505 IMG_5506

Beautiful right? Eekk, well it served its purpose in my French Provincial bedroom back in the day, but not anymore.  I wondered if I could use the matching IKEA shade on this lamp.  I grabbed the shade for $12.99m and got to spraying again.  I used the antique bronze on the lamp base.  Here is the final product:

IMG_5620-1 IMG_5622-1


In total I spent $22.98 (plus tax) for the two shades.  I could have spent $112.97 (plus tax) for a new table lamp and shade, and floor lamp and shade.  I saved $89.99 (plus tax)!!! Wahoo!

Here is the matching set I created:

IMG_5624-1 IMG_5622-1

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