All On Display!


It’s been a while!! On my Facebook I posted about a gorgeous china cabinet I picked up from Vintage Thymes. I loved it the second I saw it, and KNEW it would be perfect for displaying my dinnerware. I needed to save on cabinet space, and seeing as though my dishes are all white, I thought it would look real classy. The cabinet had been painted “Abusson Blue” by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I loved the color, but it was too much of a contrast against the colors of my kitchen. Here is what it looked like before:



I had paint left over from my downstairs bathroom, which was the first color I chose for my house’s color pallet.  Its Benjamin Moore “Texas Leather.”  It is a really gorgeous color and I felt that it would go well with the color scheme in the kitchen.


I had to sand the piece down a bit, and then I could paint it.  I decided not to tape off all the glass- that is just WAY too much work.  Instead I cut in gently, and whatever excess was left over I scraped off with a flat razor.



Two coats of paint, and poly acrylic sealant I had this gorgeous cabinet!






Pretty, right?  I couldn’t wait to unload my dishes!  Of course I am OCD (I think you have caught on to that by now), and everything needed to be symmetrical.  I had a lot more dinnerware than I thought, but I managed to fit it all in there- including my espresso set!





I freaking love it! I can’t wait to show you the kitchen next!

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