The universe is working against me!


Wondering where the hell I have been? Well I haven’t been able to do shit because of a variety of reasons 1) weather 2) lack of space in damn garage 3) and above all my friggen paint gun never seems to want to cooperate. So I have not one, but TWO Graco 2900 paint sprayers, that have been great.


However, recently every time I start to set up shop out in the driveway- and by shop I mean, tarp on ground, setting up pop up tent, bringing out furniture, pulling out electric cords, thinning paint, getting gun set up, and when I’m about to spray- nothing happens.

With my luck, both guns have stopped working. So amidst a breakdown I have had to break down shop and figure out what to do.


That’s not me in the picture, but pretty much sums up how I felt! Now I have tried cleaning the guns multiple times, soaking them, even taking a pin to pick out some dry paint! The reality is both guns were shot. I went to Lowe’s and picked up a new paint gun, and went with a Wagner instead. I’m thinking to myself this gun will be bad ass!


Well like I mentioned in my Facebook post, this gun has about three dials located all over the place: one on the air pressure system, one on the spray gun to measure amount of paint to come out, and one to control the span of the spray itself. Really? Like I have time or patience to play with these friggen buttons to get it just right? I’m not goldilocks , I want it easy simple and immediately. Well I used it just to get a piece done, a ton came out, overspray EVERYWHERE!! So not sure of I’m going to keep the gun or exchange it for something else. Do you see this sh*t show, this is why I have been so MIA!!!!!

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