Stairway to Heaven


Thanks to my friend Steve, I now have steps leading out to my backyard! WAHOO! Not to mention they are freaking gorgeous.  Remember what I started with?  Cinder blocks and brick resting on mud, and unstable….


 I knew that the steps were like this when I bought the house, and it certainly came up in inspection… I knew I was going to have to deal with it at some point.  However that some point proved to me immediate, because my dogs wouldn’t be able to go in and outside the house.  So, the stairs were demoed in a matter of 5 minutes, and I was left with a pile a dirt.


I called Steve, and he was willing to helping me out.  I told him what I wanted, to a degree… because I never really know WHAT I want, but that’s neither here no there.  I did know that I wanted the landing to extend to the end of the house; make it a bit more substantial.  He simply said “don’t worry, I’ll make it look pretty.”  I knew instantly that he would.  He started framing out the steps.

10329071_10154164288190514_4994456681907052189_n 10301543_10154188171770514_78280732780524803_n

The weather was not very conducive to working with wet cement and all that, but he was prepared with a pop up tent, and went at it anyway!


All said and done, I have to say that they come out GORGEOUS, and I couldn’t be happier.  Steve did an amazing job manipulating the field stone, and blue stone.  What’s funny is that on the top landing, there was one awkward piece, and my OCD got the better of me.  Steve simply said “you’re the one who has to look at it!” Thank god he had patience with me.  He fixed it, and made it perfectly symmetrical- and my serenity stayed in tack.  I now have my own little stairway to heaven.

IMG_4880 IMG_4878 IMG_4881


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