The Perfect Match


I’ve been dying to share the finished product of my bedroom dresser, but I have been so busy with the house renovations I haven’t had a chance to finish it!  Well it is finally done, and I love the way it came out!  I had done an entire bedroom set for a customer, a long time ago, and in exchange for doing her daughters headboard and footboard, she offered me this dresser.  I absolutely loved it, and it was in good shape (aside from the cosmetics).  I’ve held on to it for a long time, because I wanted to make sure that whatever I did to it would be PERFECT, and I also knew that I wanted to keep it for myself (hehe).


Best part?  I matched the detailing on the front to the end tables….well actually, the other way around: I came across the end tables that also happened to have the same design!! Trust me that was pure luck.



Of course, the top’s veneer was chipped and peeling away.  So I decided to just take off all the veneer so it would have an even surface.


It proved to be quite difficult, the veneer was stubborn in some places, but perseverance prevailed, and I was able to get it all off with out damage.  I sanded it down to give it a nice smooth surface so that it would be ready for paint!



I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Old White,” which was the same color I used on the end tables.  I also used “Shabby Chic” to highlight the detailing on the front.  I distressed it a bit, waxed it, and it was like a brand new piece.



The dresser has an incredible seining mirror, and the detail work from legs to the posts follow all the way through.  The mirror has aged over the year, but I think it gives it character, and I love the hardware used to fasten it to the dresser!

ImageImage Image



Here are some shots of the legs and sides.

Image Image


At last, here are some more shots

Image Image


AND, just to brag a bit about how good of a match this turned out to be, here is the dresser’s detailing in the front and one of the end tables I am using as my bed side tables.

Image Image


Damn,  i’m good!  Haha!

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