“Let there be light, and there was light”


I certainly had a lot of fun picking out the light fixtures for the house.  All the other lights were really outdated:


It’s just that gorgeous 1990’s look, right?  Well… I have to say that I replaced literally every light in the house- whatever- it is what it is.   I can’t do one and not the others!  So I’ll walk you through:  Here is the light in the downstairs half bath, a nice antique bronze:


Now, this light below I used in a number of locations: 1) Front Entry 2) Kitchen and 3) Upstairs Landing:


Here is the pendant light over the Kitchen sink- the pattern matches the speckled look on the countertops

Image Image

I’m doing good so far right?  WAIT till you see the dining room light!!!  I knew I wanted a really unique chandelier, something different, something rustic…. I ended up searching on ETSY for a personalized piece.  I came across MOSAICUS, and the owner/creator Annette was wonderful to talk to!  Here is the light I ordered and put up!


Image Image

I love the color that it has on it, and it was given that aged patina look.  Here is the link to MOSAICUS‘s ETSY page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Mosaicus

I know, It’s a goodie.  Ok let’s move up stairs shall we?  So the master bathroom I carried through the antique bronze look.  I got these beautiful matching lights for the double vanity sink:

Image Image

Lastly, the upstairs full bath I went with a totally different look.  I kinda gave it a “new look” in a brushed nickel.  I am not sure If I love the idea- my OCD kicks in and says I should have stuck with the antique bronze, but changing it up isn’t bad right? Plus I liked the light, I think it’s different, a bit industrial- and I like beating to the sound of my own drum!

Image Image

So there you go- the lights are on in the house now!

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