This part is connected to the…. other part, and that part is connected to… the other thing


So yes, I have been picking up decorative elements for my house that have been recycled/up-cycled etc…. However, I was on the hunt for a TV stand that was very specific: it had to fit in between the two windows in my living room, was not too high, and above all had a good look to it.  I searched and searched, and to no avail I was defeated.  So I caved, and I ordered a media stand from Walmart.  I have to say the box weighed 3,000 pounds; I had to push it on the floor with all my weight behind it…. should I mention that I slipped a few times- not so gracefully either.  Anyway….  There is always that first excitement when you see the box like “oooo yippee it’s here!” and then you open the box:



and you discover a trillion pieces and screws.  You try not to panic and try to stay enthusiastic, but you realize “shit, this is going to take a while….” Well I was up for the challenge.  First things first, organize the pieces:


This was just a clip, trust me, there were a ton of pieces.  Labeled for the alphabet…. it went to “Q.”  Well as the piece came together I started to feel encouraged again, which was needed to cancel out the aggravation of using a skew driver.  I had developed a series of blisters… why I didn’t use a drill, I don’t know, but its too late now, so whatever!



It didn’t take too long- maybe an hour and a half?  I was real happy with the outcome, and I think it will look really good with my “French Country” inspired family room.  It’s solid as a rock, I recommend it- GO WALMART!


Image Image


Image Image

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