Magic trick round 2


I headed back to a Benjamin Moore paint supplier to re-evaluate my colors.  I decided to start from scratch; the only color that had been previously decided upon was “Baby Fawn” for the hallway because I carried it through from downstairs.  You should have seen me at the Benjamin Moore paint store, I sat on the floor, cutting up colors and placing them on my floor plan.  I wanted each room to have a different look, but nothing too drastic; I wanted it to have a nice flow.  Here is what I came up with:


As you can tell from the ripped paper- I taped and moved the samples around quite a bit.  This picture doesn’t do the paint colors any justice either- this picture s*cks.

I had my heart set out for this rustic look for my master bedroom, and chose “Mesa Verde Tan”


The Master Bathroom will have antique bronze faucets and shower head so I wanted to keep with the creams

I chose “Mocha Cream”:


One of the guest rooms, which is nice and bright, I decided to go with a darker color

I chose “Smoked Oyster”


For the full bathroom on the second floor off the hallway I have chosen “White Down”


For the other bedroom I have chosen “Shabby Chic”- mostly because I was hooked on the name…


As I mentioned before, I carried the color “Baby Fawn” from downstairs, and carried it through the hallway and landings


I’m really happy with the colors I chose, and I’m already decorating in my head.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of before and after colors!

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