Make do with what you’ve got!


This is going to be a quick one, because realistically there isn’t much to talk about!  Once I had taken off the old hardware from the kitchen cabinets I was left with these ugly brass handles:


I had gone to both the Home Depot and Lowes to pick up some hardware, but none of them lined up with the holes that already existing in the cabinets.  I instantly felt defeated, because I was looking for an antique bronze look.  I went online to try and find some that would fit, but they would end up being quite expensive… little darn things are pricey!  Ok, so I re-grouped.  In the essence of saving money, I decided that I would give it a shot and spray them.


I stopped in Home Depot and headed straight for the paint section.  I know that RUST-OLEUM is a good name brand, and was rummaging through them.  I did find the antiqued bronze color I was looking for.  I used “Flat Burnished Amber.” I should note here, that when spraying metal surfaces you’re best bet is using a spray that has a PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE.  It adheres better.  If you don’t prime your pieces the paint will chip off (especially metal)…. so why buy a can of primer AND a can of spray paint when you can kill to two birds with one stone? Exactly.  Again I am going to reference my crazy cleaning- you know how I love to clean… I prepared the brass handles by using a brass cleaner.  I scrubbed them clean, rinsed and dried them.  They were ready for paint.  I laid out another trash bag on my parent’s butcher block and sprayed the back side first (I didn’t want to rest the painted hardware on the top surface).


First coat came out pretty good, but knew for sure it needed another one.  At this point, my mother was going to kill me for spraying in the house, but I was past the point of no return.  I turned on the fans, opened the doors, and sprayed febreeze.  I gave the back side a second coat, let it dry and flipped them.  I repeated the process on the other side.


The end product was better than I expected!  I really like the antique bronze look with a slight shimmer that the RUST-OLEUM gave the hardware.  I saved a good chunk of money by only spending $3.00 for a can of spray paint!  Now I don’t need to patch old holes, drill new ones, and buy new hardware.  Sometimes its just better to use what you have and up cycle them.  All twenty one brass handles came out pretty good if I do say so myself:


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