Poppin’ Tops!


Today my father and I needed to get the kitchen counter top off and the master bath vanity top off.  Pacific Stone is sending some one out tomorrow morning to make a template for the new granite.  Let’s just say that the cabinets and countertops are built like a brick sh*t house.  We had to take turns laying under the counter to remove screws, but we managed!



I also removed about 100 child proof locks, and I thought that maybe I should keep them on there to keep me from eating myself into a coma, but I knew I was too smart for those locks and would find my way in anyway!  Anyway, We couldn’t remove the counter tops until we removed the sink, no problem…. well we couldn’t detach the damn garbage disposal!  After a half hour of trying to finagle the damn thing off, I said screw it!  I went in the basement, shut off the power to the kitchen and yanked the cords out of the garbage disposal!  Problem Solved!


It was smooth sailing from there.  Now you see it, Now you don’t!


Here is the Master Bathroom!  All ready to go for the new granite.  When we took the top off some of the wall was literally peeling away, but that’s an easy fix: just a bit of plaster and it’s good as new!

Image      Image

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